Should I Rent a Moving Truck or Hire Movers?

Young couples moving boxes into a van.

It’s no surprise that there are a lot of decisions to make whenever you plan a move. Those plans can complexify depending on how much stuff you have, how many people are willing to help you, and how long you have to move all your belongings. In the shuffle, it’s easy to lose track of a couple of critical questions that are imperative to a smooth moving experience—such as whether you should rent a moving truck or hire movers to get the job done.

The National Storage understand the stress and struggle that Michigan and Ohio residents face when coordinating each step of the move. Our moving and storage experts are here to offer a few moving tips that will help you determine whether a moving company or a moving truck rental is more appropriate for your relocation needs. 

Renting a Moving Truck 

One of the most common solutions to a quick move is to do it yourself with a moving truck rental. Typically equipped with its own dolly and padding, this is a time-tested, reliable method for moving from Point A to Point B. 

Pros of Moving Truck Rentals

The most significant advantage that renting a moving truck has over hiring movers is the price. Though moving trucks aren’t always cheap, they are a relatively affordable option compared to a full-service moving team. 

With a moving truck, you have the option of moving all of your belongings in a single trip, rather than going back and forth for dozens of boxes that you stuffed into your car. If you’re relocating a long distance away, this is an incredible advantage over moving things using your own vehicle. 

Cons of Moving Truck Rentals

While moving trucks may offer extra vehicle space, you still need to do all the work yourself. You may be able to bribe friends or family with the gift of a pizza dinner—but if none are available, that leaves you with a lot of legwork whether you have a moving truck or not. 

In addition, moving trucks have the disadvantage of being unfamiliar to the average driver and thus a source of stress. Because most people don’t usually drive vehicles of that bulk, they don’t always know the safest way to maneuver them, especially with sensitive items possibly shifting around in the back. Plus, if anything breaks in the process, it’s on you. That’s why it’s essential to prepare for a successful trip with a moving truck

Hiring a Moving Company 

When you need a little extra muscle, it’s nice to know moving professionals are available who are willing to do the heavy lifting. 

Pros of Professional Movers

The most obvious advantage to hiring movers is that you don’t need to lift or carry anything yourself. You pack it up, they haul it away. So there’s no need to risk hurting yourself by moving your L-section down the stairs. Because of this, hiring professional movers is the safest method. 

Since moving companies generally work in teams, the job is usually completed much faster than if you and some friends were to do it. In addition, they will transport it (even across the country!) and unload it into your new home with exemplary service. Overall, hiring a moving company is simply a less hectic and hands-on process worth the money for many movers. 

Cons of Professional Movers 

Unfortunately, because they know how useful they are, moving companies can be expensive. The value is definitely there, but only if you’re able and willing to dish out a decent premium for their services. When you’re in the middle of a relocation, not everyone has the budget or disposable income needed to justify that expense. 

The Merits of a Storage Unit During Relocation 

Whether you choose to handle things yourself with a moving truck or rely on a moving company, there’s a variety of ways self storage units can be helpful if you’re relocating to a different home. National Storage has a range of locations available across Michigan and Ohio, each primed to hold onto your belongings while adjusting to your new living space. 

If you need space to unload some extra items or store your seasonal equipment, the National Storage have your back. Find the facility nearest to you, check out more tips for moving on a budget, or reach out with any questions you have! 

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