About National Storage

National Storage, founded in 1987 by Maurice Pogoda, includes Pogoda Management Co. and The Pogoda Group, Inc. Both are based in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

National Storage employ Self Storage Professionals in Michigan and Ohio, in our suburban Detroit headquarters, in our West Michigan and Ohio operations offices and on-site at management accounts throughout the Great Lakes.

Our success is based on the personal attention and care that we give every property sale, management account, consulting assignment or new development project. We draw on our knowledge of marketing, human resource management, financial controls, property maintenance and market data to provide you the best possible service. While guided by extensive experience, we look beyond traditional approaches to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Mission Statement

We will provide our customers and potential customer with a satisfying rental experience that is characterized by professionalism, cleanliness, security and value.

We will provide our customers and potential customers with knowledgeable and well trained self storage professionals, willing, ready and able to meet their self storage needs.

We subscribe to the following principles:

By satisfying our customers’ needs, we will prosper as a business and meet the expectations of our owners and investors.

For more information about the company and management team please go to www.pogodaco.com