4 Tips for Efficiently Moving Things in and out of Storage

Where and how you store your household’s belongings requires forethought. Moving things in and out is a complex process, so you’ll need tactics for efficient transportation. How do you pick the right space and tools with ease after spending so much time expertly packing everything away?

Consider these four tips to make moving your items in and out of storage more efficient.

1. Choose a Storage Unit

Storing boxes and unused furniture in the attic or garage seems accessible and convenient. However, if you’re using a repurposed garage, then you might run out of room for your vehicles. Come wintertime, the lack of space could become an enormous headache. Attics are subject to roof leaks and pests, which could damage your stored items.

A storage unit is often more convenient in the long run because it provides unimpeded access and keeps clutter away from your space. Plus, moving is much easier when you don’t have so much to move from one space to another.

2. Create Aisles and Pathways With Vertical Space

Consider your storage space and how you can move things more efficiently later. While making an aisle in the unit seems like a waste of space, it gives you and any helpers greater access while loading and unloading. It also makes it easier to access items in the back of your unit — otherwise, you’ll be stuck taking everything out of the unit whenever you need something.

Use vertical area by placing heavy objects underneath lighter ones and stacking them to the ceiling. This optimizes space, justifying leaving square footage for paths.

3. Pick the Right Vehicle and Peripherals

Is your car good enough, or should you rent a truck or van to move your items? Well, it really depends on the number and size of the items you’re moving into storage. You can choose a few different options depending on the size of your move:

  • Pickup truck: This option is more accessible but could require multiple trips. However, it may cost less than other options — or nothing at all if you already own one.
  • Box truck: These vehicles have lots of room to carry heavy items, but they can be difficult to drive and often cost more for rentals.
  • Cargo trailer and hitch: If you have a vehicle with towing capabilities, you can rent a trailer and hitch to haul your items. Simply pick a suitable vehicle type, verify capacity, choose the right class of hitch and ball and hook it up with the proper mounts and chains.

4. Make Big Items Smaller

Shifting objects between storage spaces and vehicles is faster and safer if items are smaller and stackable. The more compact everything is, the easier it is to save space and move efficiently. To make items smaller, consider disassembling furniture and using vacuum bags for furnishings and clothing.

Storage Transport Made Easy

Finding a good system for moving things in and out of storage is key. To clear out your space or prepare for a move, find a storage unit with flexible solutions.

Contributed by Jack Shaw, senior writer of Modded Magazine.

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