How to Get the Most out of Your Self Storage Space


People utilize self storage facilities for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’re getting ready to sell or remodel your home.  Maybe you’re a college student looking for a place to store your belongings that won’t fit in your small dorm room.  You might be expecting a new family member or have run out of space in your garage to park your car.  Whatever your storage needs, National Storage have a variety of storage unit sizes for all of them.

Before you rent your storage unit, there are a few things to consider to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck and maximizing your self storage space.

1)      Location: It might be tempting to choose a facility with the lowest rates, but a better idea is to rent a unit at a self storage facility closest to you. You won’t want to waste your gas running all the way across the town when you need to access your items. Not only that, but look into whether or not the facility offers a security system. You want your belongings to stay safe and secure in the unit.

2)      Make a Plan: Give yourself plenty of time to pack your boxes and get them stored in the unit.  You’ll find your items are much easier to access if you’ve taken the time to label your boxes and put them in your storage unit in an organized layout.  It’s also advised to take an inventory; number each box and make a numbered list of what each box contains. You can use this inventory list as a sort of roadmap when it comes time to access something you may need. Bring everything you intend to store to the unit at one time, rather than adding things in little by little.

3)       Use the Correct Materials: Make sure you’ve taken the time to invest in good packing supplies so your belongings are protected. Purchase same-size, sturdy boxes and wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or newspaper to keep them from breaking once inside the unit. Cover your couches, beds, or dressers with furniture covers and place a tarp on the floor to prevent moisture from damaging them.

4)      Use the Space Wisely: Place taller items in the back of the unit, like mattresses or furniture, or vertically against the walls.  This will allow you to have access to the contents of your boxes since they’ll be closer to the front of the unit.  Keep the lighter boxes on top of heavier ones. Create a walkway or small aisles so you can easily get to all your belongings. Use empty dresser drawers or appliances to store smaller, fragile items. Break down furniture by disassembling bed frames and taking the legs off tables to create more room. Also, make sure your belongings are clean before storing them in your unit so they don’t attract any sort of critters.

If you take the time to plan how you’ll use your self storage unit, you’ll reap the benefit of your efforts in the long run.  Stop in to any of our 34 National Storage locations to find out more information.

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