Who Needs Self Storage?

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There’s no doubt that people these days love their “stuff”. We try to stay organized, but sometimes the amount of things we own starts to overtake all the empty spaces in our homes, from our garages and basements to spare bedrooms and closets.

People Who Need Self Storage

There are many reasons and/or types of people who need a self storage unit:

1)      People getting ready for a move. If you plan on selling your home, a clean and organized house is more appealing to potential buyers. No one wants to walk into a mess and worry about the work needing to be done to make it more livable. Unclutter your home as much as possible and store excess belongings in a self storage unit to that will fit your needs.

2)      College students. College students moving home for the summer need a place to keep all the items they’ve acquired over the course of the school year. They should find a self storage unit near their school so they can easily pick up their belongings in the fall.  National Storage have locations near Michigan State University, Eastern Michigan University, Western Michigan University, the University of Michigan, Notre Dame, Grand Valley State University and the University of Dayton and we are ready to help you keep your belongings safe for the summer!

3)      Remodeling your home. Maybe you’d like to install new carpet in the bedrooms upstairs or add an addition on to your house. Storing furniture and belongings in a self storage unit during this process clears the space for easy access to the areas you’re working on.  Plus, your belongings will be kept safe and free from damage.

4)      People expecting a new family member. If you’re about to welcome a new baby into the household, it’s definitely time to free up some space- babies require a lot of stuff! It’s time to create a nursery, so clear out that spare bedroom and store the extra furniture in a self storage unit. Or perhaps an aging loved one can no longer live on their own and will be moving in with you.  The same applies to them- they’ll need a space of their own, too.

5)      Can’t park your car in the garage anymore. Garages can easily get filled up and cluttered, and suddenly you’re parking your car in the driveway out in the elements instead of safely in the garage. Move some of that clutter into a self storage unit- especially if you’re housing things like ATVs or jet skis in your garage. These items can be easily stored in a self storage unit.  If you have a motorcycle, put it in a storage unit during the winter months so your car is not sitting out in the snow and cold.

6)      Businesses. Not only do people need extra space sometimes, but businesses do, too. Many smaller businesses may not have the room to store all the documents or records they’re required to keep on file for certain lengths of time. Or, maybe they don’t have a storeroom or back room to stash extra supplies.  Self storage units are safe, dry and secure for business needs.

Whatever your needs may be, National Storage have a storage unit perfect for you!

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