What Not to Store in a Storage Unit

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At any of our National Storage’ locations, we will gladly store your furniture, clothing, spare appliances, holiday decorations, and out-of-season sports equipment. While the list of items we can store in our storage units is extensive, there are still a few items that are prohibited. Stolen items and those that could either cause damage or be potentially dangerous to other tenants, their items, our staff, or to the property cannot be stored.

What Not to Put in a Storage Unit: 5 Prohibited Items

  1. Living in a Storage Unit: Many people wonder if they are able to live in their storage unit. Although the cost of living is always rising and this seems like a valid question, the answer is still no. A storage unit is not a safe environment in which someone can live, and, if you are caught living in your storage unit, you could face criminal charges.
  2. Housing Pets in a Storage Unit: Just like a storage unit isn’t a safe living environment for you, it also isn’t suitable for your pets. In addition to it being unfit housing for any animals, any food left for them can attract a whole array of critters, pests, and vermin. If you are caught keeping an animal in your storage unit, you could face potential animal cruelty and abuse charges.
  3. Explosives, Firearms, and Gun Powder: Storing any of these items in your storage unit pose a risk of injury to yourself, other tenants, our staff, and cannot be stored in a storage unit. A storage unit is not the stable environment these items need.
  4. Food: A storage unit is not a safe location for either your end-of-the-world or zombie apocalypse survival kit. Food left in your storage unit will attract vermin and pests, which can ruin both your items and your neighbors’ items. It is also important to never store items in boxes that once held food. While the food may be gone, the smell is not.
  5. Stolen Items: It is illegal to store stolen items in a storage unit. National Storage is not responsible for any items that are found to be stolen.

Are You Interested in Renting a Storage Unit?

As you can see from the short list above, there are far more items that can be stored in a storage unit than items that cannot. Feel free to utilize a storage unit to clear out some much-needed space in your home by storing those seasonal items, extra furniture, and more. Are you interested in renting a storage unit with National Storage? We have storage facilities all throughout Michigan and in Dayton, Ohio. If you have further questions about which items are allowed to be stored in a storage unit, either stop in or contact us.

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