Tips for Moving and Storing a Couch

Man lifting a couch.

When you’re planning a move, the items you probably least look forward to moving from your home are the larger items like appliances and furniture. These big ticket items were expensive, plus they are awkward, heavy and difficult to move. Knowing the best way to prepare and move your furniture will help keep everything in great condition for your new home.

Different types of furniture require different preparation steps before a move. For instance, if you’re moving a mattress, you should know that you need to move it vertically, but store it horizontally to protect the springs. Likewise, moving a couch, or prepping for storing a couch, has a few specific steps to keep them ready for use for many years to come.

Preparation for Moving a Couch

Get your couch ready for moving by taking the following steps:

  • Give it a good cleaning. Before moving a couch out of your home, the first step is to make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned. Use a fabric cleaner on the cushions and arms, allowing it to completely dry overnight. If you have a leather sofa, pre-treat it with furniture wax before the move.
  • Keep its parts together. Carefully remove any wooden or metal legs before transport. Make sure to keep the legs, as well as any screws or other hardware, in a plastic bag taped to the couch.
  • Use a cover to protect it. You can purchase a quality sofa cover or simply use an old sheet or blanket to cover and protect the couch while it’s en route to your new home or storage unit. A cover helps keep it clean, and also will protect it from getting scratched or dinged on the truck.
  • Enlist help. Don’t attempt to move a couch by yourself! For a heavy item like this, it’s best to have at least one other person help you move it.
  • Create a clear pathway. Before attempting to get the couch out the door, make sure the pathway is totally clear of smaller furniture, shoes, boxes, etc.; anything you could potentially trip over that could lead to an injury or damage to the couch.

Tips for Storing a Couch

Maybe you are in a transitional phase and won’t be moving your couch right into your new home. This is when renting a self storage unit becomes handy to keep your items safe until you need them. If you’re going to be storing a couch for any length of time, remember to keep it covered with the sofa cover or sheet while in storage instead of plastic. Plastic doesn’t allow the furniture to breathe and can potentially cause damage, no matter if you have a fabric sofa or a leather sofa. If you are storing leather furniture, it’s recommended to rent a climate controlled storage unit to protect the leather from issues like cracking or peeling due to extreme temperatures.

Another furniture storage tip includes allowing space between the walls of the unit and your items; at least 4 to 8 inches to provide for easier access and airflow. Don’t stack heavy items on top of your couch, as this can ruin the upholstery and fabrics over time. Also, couches should be stored horizontally in your unit, as storing it vertically can damage the coils and other inner workings.

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