Resolve to Get Organized in the New Year!

A journal with a New Year's resolutions list.

A New year is upon us, and many people use this time to make some resolutions surrounding the fresh year ahead. Most resolutions revolve around developing better eating habits, exercising more, saving money, discontinuing bad habits, and having a more organized home. While making resolutions is an easy task, keeping them seems to be the hard part. Try out these tips to help you keep your home organization resolutions!

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Break Apart Larger Projects into Smaller Projects: If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to be more organized within your home, then you will need to create projects, goals, and plans, and make them achievable. Break apart the larger projects into smaller ones that are easier to accomplish. Watch home improvement shows to get great storage, organization, and home project tips and ideas. Create a goal and stick to it.
  2. Create a To-Do List: Start by going from room to room and creating a list of projects you’d like to tackle throughout the year. This list can include smaller projects like organizing a junk drawer or a closet all the way to painting your entire kitchen. If you start with the smaller projects first, you’ll feel a stronger sense of accomplishment as you cross items off your list, giving you motivation to move on to those larger projects.
  3. Invest in Organization Supplies: Once you have your list ready, start your organization process. You should have a defined place for all of your belongings- creating a place for everything leads to a more organized house. Invest in some nice storage baskets for things like DVDs, remote controls, magazines, etc. so they are out of sight but still easily accessible. Baskets or plastic containers are also great for your hall closet to organize scarves, hats, and gloves. Keep like things together so you always know where everything is located.
  4. Donate Excess items: If you haven’t used items in over a year, donate them. Libraries or schools will accept donations of books, and shelters or donation centers are a great place to drop off unused clothing and household items. Get excess items out of your garage or basement so you have more room for storage within the home. It’s a great idea to rent a self storage unit for items you aren’t ready to let go of, but have no immediate use for in the home.

Rent a Storage Unit to Keep You Organized Year-Round

Once your home is organized, don’t stop there! You want to maintain your New Year’s resolutions for your home all year long, and keep it clean and clutter free! Keep a weekly cleaning schedule to ensure that the dishes get done every night, clean laundry gets put away immediately, and mail gets sorted and placed in a designated spot. Assign daily and/or weekly chores to household members for the most efficiency when it comes to cleaning; you’ll all be happy you did when you get to enjoy more free time on the weekends together instead of spending that time cleaning and organizing.
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Happy New Year from your National Storage!

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