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21 Sep
A patio garden is set up in a wooded area, with blue furniture and pink flowers set out on a stained deck.
10 Tips for Making the Ideal Patio Garden

Have you always dreamed of having your very own patio garden, one that represents who you are and your love of nature? You aren’t alone. At National Storage we’re also fond of all things outdoor gardening, and we want to share ten of our patio gardening ideas to help you fully realize the garden you...

26 Aug
A waist-high wooden table is set against a blue wall with two shelves below it that hold bins storing various items like chew toys and sporting equipment.
How to Create a Drop Zone at Home

If you find yourself losing your keys often, or your children’s shoes and backpacks are always scattered all over the place, it may be time to consider creating a drop zone. A drop zone is a great addition to your home and will help keep your entryway decluttered and organized while giving you more storage...

22 Jul
A woman in black exercise clothes sits on a pink yoga matt and holds a water bottle, surrounded by her cell phone, headphones, and blue dumbbells.
Tips for Moving Your Exercise Equipment

Are you a gym rat who also happens to be moving or downsizing your space soon? We all know the stress that comes with big transitions like this, and the idea of moving your expensive treadmill, Peloton, or weight set might be a pain in your (well-toned) butt — however, your friends at National Storage...

29 Jun
A woman taping the top of a box down with a roll of packing tape with their partner packing another box behind them.
What Are the Most Useful Moving Supplies?

A big move or small will always require preparation. One way to prepare yourself for a successful move is by gathering and purchasing any and all useful moving materials and supplies you need. Depending on whether you are moving out of your home or an office space, the size and type of your items will...

19 May
A man and woman looking at renovation plans for home improvement.
Must-Try DIY Home Improvement Projects

Are you home for the weekend and ready to tackle an easy weekend project? National Storage has five easy DIY weekend home improvement projects to keep you busy and help your home look great. Warm weather is the perfect time to get crafty, so check out some of our weekend projects that are sure to...

01 Apr
A smiling toddler that is packing toys surrounded by moving boxes.
5 Ways to Help Kids Prepare for a Move

Moving is complicated enough, but moving with children? That’s a tall order. In addition to making sure your belongings are packed, guiding children through a move and getting them acclimated to their new surroundings can really cause a few headaches. In addition to helping you find all the materials for your moving needs, National Storage...


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