It’s Time for Spring Cleaning and Self Storage Organization

Cleaning lady carrying basket of cleaning supplies.

The air is getting warmer, the birds are starting to chirp again, and spring is in the air! Spring is the perfect time to start fresh, which is why most people decide to do those major cleaning and organizational projects in their homes during this season.

After you’ve done your spring cleaning at your home, you’ll probably be left with a pile of stuff that you aren’t sure what to do with. You aren’t ready to get rid of things, but now that your house is clean, you don’t want to clutter it back up. This is the perfect time to consider renting a self storage unit from National Storage! However, if you’re already renting a self storage unit, you might be worried that you won’t have room in your current unit to store anything else. Plus, you probably need to access those summer items you’ve put away for the winter like your lawn and garden equipment and maybe your grill, and also need to store things like holiday decorations, snow blowers and shovels and all that winter sports and sledding gear.

Self Storage Organization for the Spring

When you head to your self storage unit with your spring cleaning and winter items, spend some time getting your unit reorganized so you can make sure you’re getting the most of your space.  Some spring cleaning and self storage organization tips for your unit include:

  • Check your boxes and containers. Make sure your boxes are still sturdy, intact and that they have remained properly closed. If you were in a rush to fill your storage unit before, now is the time to check the contents of those boxes and make sure everything is properly labeled.
  • Check/create an inventory list. This goes along with checking the contents of your boxes. While you’re evaluating the contents and labeling the containers, create an inventory list to help you remember what you’re storing. If you’ve already created an inventory list, bring it along with you so you can make sure all your items are accounted for.
  • Designate a seasonal area. Decide on a spot for those seasonal items you need access to throughout the year. This way, when you come back to your unit in the fall you’ll be able to easily change out your spring and summer belongings with those you’ll need for fall and winter.
  • Reorganize your belongings. Along with creating a designated seasonal area, spend some time reorganizing your storage unit. Make sure you’ve left a walkway, keep items away a few inches away from the walls to allow for air circulation, and put heavy or tall items towards the back of the unit.
  • Purchase new shelving. Finally, decide whether or not you’d get more out of your self storage unit by purchasing some new shelving for those awkward-sized items or to keep more delicate items off the ground.

If you’ve done your spring cleaning at home and need more room to store your belongings, visit any convenient National Storage location for that extra space you need!

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