How to Store Rugs

Group of rolled up rugs.

Storing rugs is necessary for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re doing some remodeling and need to stash that large area rug away to keep it safe and clean until you’re done. Perhaps you were gifted your grandmother’s favorite rug when she moved into a senior living community, but you just don’t have the right place for it at the moment. Or, maybe you couldn’t pass up a deal on a beautiful oriental rug, but you don’t really need it until you get a chance to paint your bedroom a new, vibrant color.

5 Tips for Storing Rugs

No matter the reason you’re looking into rug storage options, there are a few steps to take and things to keep in mind to ensure it stays in great condition in your storage unit. Improperly storing rugs can easily lead to damage from condensation or bugs, leaving you with a rug that’s unusable in your home.

Rug Storage Tip #1: Clean the Rug Thoroughly

Any dirt or dust left on the rug could cause it to deteriorate over time while in storage, so make sure to have the rug cleaned per the manufacturer’s instructions. This may mean getting it professionally cleaned, handwashing it, steam cleaning, etc. Vacuum the rug first to remove loose dust, dust mites and pet dander. Then, do the wet cleaning. Just make sure the rug is completely dry before you place it in storage by allowing it to air dry for at least 10-12 hours.

Rug Storage Tip #2: Keep it Protected

Bugs are one of rugs’ worst enemies, so before storage spray it with an insect repellent. You can make up a DIY solution of four parts water and one part vinegar, then spray both sides of the rug. Again, allow it to dry completely before storing.

Rug Storage Tip #3: Roll, Wrap and Stand it Up

Folding rugs isn’t recommended, as it can leave behind creases and cracks. Instead, roll the carpet from the bottom to the top. In other words, go “with the grain” of the carpet fibers, which can be determined by running your hand along the rug. Roll the carpet as tightly as possible and secure with packing tape or rope.

After the rug is tightly rolled, wrap it in a breathable material so water vapor can escape. In other words, avoid using plastic, and instead go for brown wrapping paper or canvas. Then, make sure to stand it up when you place it in your storage unit instead of laying it flat on the ground. Keep other objects off the rug, too, as boxes or heavy items can destroy its shape.

Rug Storage Tip #4: Keep it in the Dark

Don’t place the rug in the direct sunlight, as light can fade the rug’s colors very quickly. It’s recommended to utilize a climate controlled storage unit for rug storage, as the temperature and humidity can be kept at consistent levels.

Rug Storage Tip #5: Don’t Store it and Forget it

Finally, check in on your rug from time to time. Once or twice a year, visit your storage unit, roll out the rug and give it a good inspection and vacuuming. You might also consider adding another round of insect repellent if you’re going to be keeping it in storage for a longer amount of time.

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