How to Move and Store a TV

Young couple moving a television.

Televisions are often some of people’s most prized possessions; after all, most people spend several hours a day watching their favorite shows, sports, movies, or just simply have the TV on for soothing background noise. When you’re planning a move, it’s important that you take a few extra steps to keep your TV safe and ready-to-use after your move. The following tips will help make moving a TV not only easier, but ensure your TV stays damage-free while in transit or in a storage unit.

Properly Moving a TV

First, refer to the manual that came with your TV to make sure you’re following all the proper procedures for that particular model, brand and style. Depending on the current setup of your TV (whether it’s sitting on a stand or is mounted to the wall), you’ll most likely need some tools like a screwdriver, power drill, bungee cords, etc. Then, make sure you also have the necessary packing supplies, too. Here are a few of the best practices for moving a TV:

Clean it off. Before packing your TV, wipe it down with a soft, dry cloth. This is an important step because even the smallest amount of dust or debris can scratch the screen. While you’re cleaning it off, another great tip is to take a photo of the back of the TV before you take off all the wires and cables- this way, you’ll know exactly what goes where when you set it back up in your new home.

Cover it up. If you kept the original packaging your television came in, now is the time to dig that out and utilize it for your move. However, if you didn’t keep it – and we get it, those boxes are big and bulky – you can wrap your TV with a moving blanket, protect it with bubble wrap, or envelope it in cardboard.

Guard against stumbles or slips. Even though televisions are getting thinner and lighter with each passing year, they’re still awkward to carry – especially for just one person. If you’re planning a DIY move, make sure two people are available to carry the TV to the moving truck. For further peace of mind, use moving straps or a dolly to ensure a stumble or slip doesn’t mean the death of your TV.

Set it upright on the truck. When you’re moving a TV, it’s important to keep it in an upright position both while you’re carrying it and when you set it in the moving truck. Never lay it flat, as this could easily cause damage to the screen. Try to place it on the truck in between sturdy, wide and flat items, like mattresses or the backs of dressers.

TV Storage – Tips for Keeping it Damage-Free

If you’ll be moving a television into a self-storage unit for any length of time, first, consider a climate controlled unit. Extreme hot or cold temperatures and humidity can easily damage electronics. The steps to storing a TV are very similar to those of moving a TV. You’ll want to make sure it’s a clean as possible, so after taking it off the moving truck, give it another good wipe down.

Then, keep the TV covered while in storage. Again, if you have the original box and packaging materials, that’s the recommended route to take.  If not, keep it wrapped in bubble wrap, blankets and secure with packing tape. Also, just like in the moving truck, store the TV in an upright position to avoid damage to both the screen and the internal components while it’s sitting in the storage unit.

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