Haunted Detroit

haunted detroit

Detroit Masonic Temple (Flickr photo by Matt Callow)

Whether or not you actually believe in the paranormal, “ghost hunting” has become more and more popular over the past few years. There are things in this world that simply seem to have no explanation; noises in the night, shadows in windows of empty homes, doors opening by themselves, whispers when there’s no one around- all things that cause a chill to run down your spine.

Right here in Detroit and some of the surrounding areas, several places have noted paranormal experiences. From restaurants to theaters, if you’re looking to try to prove ghosts really do exist (or that they don’t), the Metro area is full of haunted places to explore.

Haunted Places to Visit in Detroit

With Halloween this weekend, what better time is there to take a look at some of the spookiest places in Detroit history?

Haunted Detroit Hotels

  • The Fort Shelby DoubleTree Suites Hotel: Built in 1916 as the Fort Shelby Hotel, the story is that a homeless man named Al lived in the hotel after it went out of business and drowned in the basement when a pipe burst. His bones were recovered during renovations. Guests and hotel workers claim to see the man walking the halls and lobby on a regular basis.
  • Ritz-Carlton – The Henry Hotel: Located in Dearborn, Room 418 in this hotel is said to be haunted; the doors open and close on their own, the lights turn on and off unexpectedly, and the handles on the French doors jiggle after you close them.
  • The Two Way Inn: The Two Way Inn, built in 1876 and formerly an inn, brothel, general store and old jail is now a bar. The past and present owners all report seeing a cowboy wandering around, said to be the original owner, Philetus Norris.

Haunted Detroit Restaurants

  • The Cadieux Café: People claim to see an apparition thought to be the owner’s mother, Yvonne Devos, sitting at a table or working behind the bar, as well as see her husband in the basement. Patrons report seeing a ghost walk through walls and objects moving on their own.
  • The Whitney: The Whitney was built in 1890 and was originally the home of David Whitney. Now a restaurant, tables and chairs have been said to move on their own, shadows are seen throughout the space, and unexplained cold spots have been felt in certain areas.

Haunted Detroit Homes

  • Fisher Mansion: First the home of the president of Cadillac, Lawrence P. Fisher and now a cultural center honoring India’s heritage, this home is said to be haunted by Elvis Presley, who loved the elaborately gilded walls and ceilings.
  • Alhambra Apartments: In 1905, angry after being demoted from cook to scrubwoman, Rose Barron got her revenge by slipping arsenic into the biscuits, killing two people. A white apparition has been seen in the hallways and strange lights appear in the building late at night.

Haunted Detroit Theaters and Concert Halls

  • The Gem Theatre: The Gem Theatre is on the National Register of Historic Places and has been known as the Twentieth Century Club, The Rivoli and Europa, just to name a few. It’s said to be haunted by the spirit of Detroit-born Sonny Bono, who loved going to the theatre for entertainment when he was a child.
  • The Detroit Masonic Temple: George Mason, who built the temple in 1912, jumped from the roof of the building after his wife left him and he lost all his money financing the building. His ghost is said to be seen at the bottom of the stairs, and even after locking the door to the roof it always somehow becomes unlocked.

Other Places in Detroit to Experience the Paranormal

  • Henry Ford Hospital: Back in 1926, a young nursing student jumped to her death from the roof onto the stone courtyard below. Today, a 75 pound lead door to x-ray is found open every morning, even after it’s been closed at night. Plus, the smell of decay and a constant freezing cold spot fills people with a feeling of dread in one of the boardrooms.
  • Historic Fort Wayne: Despite the fact that it never saw battle, Fort Wayne was the home to soldiers after it was built in 1845. Today, it’s said that some of these soldiers still walk the catwalks and hallways at night. Guided tours are offered throughout the year, and visitors can even stay and investigate on their own until 4 a.m.

Have you experienced any of haunted Detroit? National Storage would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween weekend!

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