Organizing for a Move: 6 Tips for Decluttering Your Home

Let’s face it, moving is a lot of work. Between getting your house ready for the open house, finding a dream house in a new location and figuring out the logistics of the move, you’re left exhausted before the real fun part starts – packing. Well, we’re here for you. To make your job easier, and hopefully ease some of your stress, we put together a list of the easiest ways to organize and declutter your house before moving. Decluttering before a move is smart; after all, the less stuff that you have, the less stuff you’ll have to move.

Looking for some quick tips for an easy move? Watch this video!

Decluttering Before a Move in 6 Easy-to-Follow Steps 

  1. Start Early: The closer it gets to your moving date, the more stressed out you start to feel. Starting early and getting a head start on the decluttering process will make you feel more confident about your progress and reduce the last-minute rushing around.
  2. Ruthlessly Part with Unneeded Items: Create a process to get rid of your items. If you haven’t used the items in a long time, there’s no need to bring them with you to your new place. If the items are in good shape, consider selling, storing, donating or giving them away to friends or family. Having a moving, yard or garage sale is a smart way to get rid of some belongings while making a little extra cash.
  3. Store, store, store: Items that you aren’t using right now but will want at your new place can be placed in a storage unit until you need them. This is especially helpful while you’re staging your home for sale, because you remove personal items, knick-knacks, extra furniture and more as a means to declutter the home before moving.
  4. Get Help! One of the best moving tips? Ask for help, even with decluttering! Make it an event by ordering pizza, inviting friends and family over and start going through items in your basement, attic or closets. Let them choose a few items in the discard pile that they would like to have or need for their own homes. This is a win-win situation for all those involved.
  5. Pitch Expired Products: Go through kitchen cupboards, drawers and the pantry, throwing out any food items that are expired. Do the same for the bathroom, properly disposing of any expired medicine, toiletries or cosmetic products.
  6. Use Up Food Items: Along the same line, in the weeks leading up to your move, be smart about your food choices. Make an effort to use up as many items in the pantry and cupboards as possible, keeping in mind that any items you decide to keep will have to be moved from one location to the other. Try not to replace too many pantry items as you prepare for your move – packing all those cans of soup is bound to make for some heavy boxes!

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