A Breakdown of the Best Boats for Families and Fishing

Dad driving boat with three children on his lap.

Are you considering buying a boat? A boat can be a very big purchase, one that you have likely thought over for a very long time. Before you make that purchase, it is important to determine the activities for which you will use it. Whether you plan on boating for days on the water with your family or spending a long day fishing, we know there’s a perfect boat out there for you.
Keep reading this post for a breakdown of different kinds of both family and fishing boats!

Best Boats for Fishing and Family Fun in Michigan

Best Boats for Families on The Great Lakes

Are you looking to spend some quality family time out on the water? Check out these family-favorite boats!

  1. Pontoon Boat: The pontoon boat has come a long way. What once was a noisy, bulky, boat is now known for its smooth ride. Today, pontoon boats can be used for water sports such as tubing and water skiing, and can exceed speeds of 50 mph. These boats are also large, which makes them a great solution for boating with family and friends.
  2. Bowrider: The main reason most people choose a bowrider boat is for the ease of use with watersports. Most bowrider boats will have a tow eye on the stern of the boat for pulling either those tubing or skiing. Additionally, these boats will have a platform with a ladder for swimmers to use to get in and out of the water.
  3. Deck Boat: The deck boat is a combination of a bowrider boat and a pontoon boat. These boats are large and spacious, but also very speedy on the water. The deck boat is another great option for water sports enthusiasts.

Best Freshwater Fishing Boat for Michigan Inland Lakes

  1. Bass Boats: A bass boat is perfect for freshwater fishing. These boats are spacious with an attached swivel chair. This allows the angler to cast a line anywhere. These boats also come equipped with storage for both equipment and fishing tackle.
  2. Walkaround Boats: A walkaround boat is ideal for both fishing and cruising. The walkaround design of the boat keeps the entire deck accessible. These boats will often have cabin amenities such as a bed, toilet, sink, and kitchen.

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