5 Easy Tips for an Organized Closet

An organized closet filled with clothes.

If the closets in your home are in a complete state of disarray, you’re probably not alone. Closets can be one of the most difficult storage spaces to keep clean and organized, as they continually get filled with new belongings like clothes, shoes, purses and accessories. Maybe you’ve recently gone to hang up a new item of clothing, only to find that you’ve completely run out of hangers. Sometimes, it can be difficult to let go of certain articles of clothing- especially those that have special memories attached to them.

However, it’s important to spend some time at least once per year on some basic closet organization tasks. You’ll not only add to the storage space you have within your home, but your clothes will be less wrinkled when you go to wear them!

Easy Closet Organization Tips

Just as you would tackle one room at a time as you start organizing your home, you should focus on one closet at time. Here are a few easy closet organization tips that will have you on your way to a de-cluttered, clean closet in no time:

  • Empty it out. This might seem like the most overwhelming task as you get started on organizing your closet, but it’s an essential first step in the process. You’ll have a good idea of all the stuff you’ve been hoarding within the depths of your closet. Designate a room or an area- like the bed- for all the items in your closet.
  • Take inventory of your belongings. As you’re removing items from your closet, try to keep like items together. Keep shoes in one pile, accessories in another, seasonal clothes in another, etc. If you know there’s certain things you no longer want or need to keep, create piles for trash and piles for donation. A general rule is that if something hasn’t been worn in over a year, it’s time to purge it.
  • Get rid of items that don’t belong. Maybe you’ve been storing things in your closet like small kitchen appliances or sporting equipment. These items should be removed from the closet and stored in a proper area of your home instead of taking up precious closet space in your bedroom or bathroom linen closet.
  • Clean it up. Once your closet is empty, give it a good cleaning before you put everything back in. Dust and wipe down the shelves and wash or vacuum the floor. It might even be worthwhile to give it a fresh coat of paint so it really sparkles.
  • Organize by season. As you’re putting items back in your closet, think about the things you reach for on a daily basis. Make sure these belongings are easily accessible. It’s recommended to organize items seasonally, too. Keep those sweaters up front during the fall and winter, and rotate them towards the back as the weather warms up. Put everything back in the order that makes the most sense to you.

If you find you need more storage in your home even after you finish your closet organization tasks, contact the National Storage location near you today! We offer a variety of storage unit sizes to meet your needs.

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