Camping Storage Tips: How to Store a Tent, Sleeping Bag and Other Gear

A tent and camping equipment in the forest.

Camping season is here, and lucky for us, Michigan is filled with gorgeous parks and campsites. To make sure that your camping gear is ready for your next adventure, it is important to store it correctly at the end of each camping trip. In this post, you will learn how to store your tent, sleeping bag, and other camping gear!

Tent Storage Tips

  1. Dry Your Tent: After you are done using your tent, it is important to thoroughly dry it out. Storing a damp tent will result in it growing mold or mildew. Additionally, any moisture left on the tent can damage the waterproof coating beyond repair.
  2. Clean the Tent: To clean your tent, use cold water and a non-detergent soap. Rinse well after using soap on the tent and let it dry completely before putting it away.
  3. Clean the Zipper: Keep the zipper running smoothly by using a toothbrush to remove any dirt.
  4. Store the Tent in a Loose Bag: The bag the tent came in is not a good option for long-term storage because it restricts the tent from breathing. Instead, store the tent in an old pillowcase or mesh bag.
  5. Break the Tent Poles Down: Reduce tension on the shockcord by storing the poles partially assembled. This will help to extend the life of the shockcord.
  6. Store in a Smart Location: The location you choose to store your tent is going to drastically impact its condition when it is removed from storage. Storing your tent in the basement, garage, or the trunk of your car is not an option due to the fluctuations in temperature.

Sleeping Bag Storage Tips

  1. Shake Out Sleeping Bag: Remove any loose items from the sleeping bags by shaking them out.
  2. Air Out Sleeping Bag: Let the sleeping bag air out by laying it flat or hanging it on a hanger. When airing out your sleeping bag, do not place it in direct sunlight as the rays can damage the lining of the sleeping bag.
  3. Store the Sleeping Bag in a Loose Bag: Just like storing a tent, store your sleeping bag in a mesh bag or pillowcase.

Other Camping Storage Tips

  1. Remove All Batteries: It is never a good idea to store batteries inside of your electronic devices. Before storing your flashlights, headlamps, radios, or other electronic equipment, avoid damaging it by removing the batteries.
  2. Scrub all Pots, Pans and Cookware: Before storing your cookware, scrub them with soap and water. Once the cookware is clean, store them inside of a resealable bag.

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