Interior Design Tips 2019

A stylish living room inside of a home.

Every few years, you may decide that your home needs a fresh look. Maybe your living room has slowly stared to look outdated, or maybe your entire home needs some love. Following a few simple interior design tips can really help to give your home an updated feel. Are you interested in learning more? Read these 7 tips below!

7 Essential Interior Design Tips

  1. Create a focal point: Take a good look at the room you are trying to change. Does it have a natural focal point? Maybe it’s a fireplace, large window or brick wall. If it doesn’t, add an accent wall or large colorful area rug.
  2. Find an inspiration piece: The easiest way to redecorate your home is to find an inspiration piece. For example, when shopping for pieces for your home, did you find a pillow you really like? Or do you have a picture from a magazine you’d like to mimic? Use this as your inspiration piece to guide the rest of your purchases.
  3. Use light colors in small rooms: If your living room, tv room or dining room is smaller area, paint it with lighter colors. Lighter colors can help to open up a space and make it look bigger.
  4. Add decorative mirrors: Just like painting the room with lighter colors, adding large decorative mirrors to a room can help to make a room look larger and more open. Decorative mirrors reflect natural light and can help to add dimension to a room.
  5. Hang artwork at the right height: A common mistake people make when decorating their home is to hang decorations too high above furniture. Artwork and wall decorations should actually be hung between three to nine inches above furniture pieces. Hanging your artwork too high above furniture pieces makes the eye naturally go to the black space between the furniture and decoration.
  6. Add with large plants: Plants are a great way to give your home some character. Place large plants in your living room, dining room and hallway to make your home stand out.
  7. Consider hardwood flooring: Adding hardwood floors to your home can really increase the value of the home. Hardwood floors are not only stylish, they also are relatively easy to clean.

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