How to Stay Organized During the Holidays

A living room decorated for Christmas.

The holidays are a magical, wonderful time of the year. However, amidst all that magic and wonder, it’s easy for things to become slightly chaotic. Between shopping, baking goodies, wrapping presents, sending cards, attending parties, and just all the general rushing to and fro, people can easily become overwhelmed and their homes can turn into a disorganized, cluttered mess through December and into January.

Holiday Organization Tips

No matter how much you have to accomplish this holiday season, it is possible to stay organized and feel sane throughout this hectic time! Here are a few holiday organization tips you can keep in mind throughout the next few weeks, and even bookmark for next year!

  • Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Think of all the tasks you have to accomplish over the course of the month or so, and decide what absolutely needs to get done. It’s important to set some boundaries for yourself and be realistic about all you can do, and it’s okay to turn down some activities from time to time. People might be disappointed you can’t attend their event, but they’d be more upset if you had to cancel at the last minute.
  • Set your schedule and stick to it. Once you’ve figured out your priorities, create a realistic schedule you can stick to. Keep your normal schedule for regular cleaning and other tasks, but also set aside times for shopping, baking, wrapping gifts- anything that will help you stay on track so you aren’t up until 2 in the morning on Christmas, finishing up tying bows on gifts or baking that last batch of chocolate chip cookies.
  • Create lists. Think of that line from that popular Christmas carol- “make a list and check it twice”. Along with setting a schedule, make some lists. To-do lists are especially helpful this time of year, and can provide a feeling of satisfaction as you cross completed tasks off that list! Having everything written out in front of you can help you feel less overwhelmed and confused about all there is left to do.
  • Enlist help with tasks. There’s nothing wrong with enlisting friends or family members to help decorate, bake, address envelopes, etc. Plus, you can make it a yearly tradition so the tasks become something you all look forward to.
  • Note what works. Keep notes of your lists and schedules, especially if they helped you stay on track the previous year. You can even take pictures of your decorations so you can remember how things were set up, making decorating much easier next year!
  • Designate a spot for holiday items. As you’re putting away your decorations, lights and wrapping paper this year, designate a spot where everything can go together. Purge items you didn’t use, especially if you’ve bought some new things. Many people consider renting a self storage unit for seasonal items; after all, you’ll only need to access them once a year. It’s the perfect option to free up storage space in your home for the items you need on a regular basis.

From all of us here at National Storage, we wish you a wonderful, organized, happy holiday season!

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