How to Keep Mice Out of a Storage Unit

Parishable food in a box and on a counter.

Nobody wants pests in their storage unit. From damaging your items, to causing issues for other renters, if pests get inside of a storage unit, it can be a real problem. And while we do everything in our power to keep them out, there are some key tips our renters should follow to minimize the concern. Find a list of the top tips for keeping pests out of your storage unit below.

How to Keep Bugs and Mice Out of a Storage Unit

  • Never store perishable items: It’s important to never store anything that may attract pests and vermin to your storage unit. Storing any sort of perishables, like cereal, produce, rice, oatmeal or other dry good can attract pests. Additionally, never store pet food in your storage unit.
  • Use the correct materials: While cardboard boxes are inexpensive, mice can chew through them. Plastic storage containers can minimize the risk of your items getting damaged because mice won’t be able to chew through them.
  • Soak cotton balls in peppermint: Cotton balls soaked in peppermint are an effective way to keep rodents and pests out of your storage unit. Mice and spiders don’t like the smell of peppermint, which means they won’t enter your storage unit if they do smell it.
  • Be proactive about checking for intruders: To minimize the risk of damage, it’s a good idea inspect your storage unit for any signs of pests every time you’re in it. Look in the corners to see if there’s any signs of a pest intruder.
  • Cedar blocks: For additional protection, cedar blocks put in the corner of your storage unit can help to deter pests. Cedar is a great deterrent for rodents and bugs.

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We hope these tips help our renters understand how to reduce the chance of having a pest problem. Even the most well-kept and maintained storage facility has the risk of pests getting in, as there’s a possibility of them being brought in with the boxes. If you have any further questions, please never hesitate to talk to our storage professional at the storage facility.

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