The Best Tips for Storing Christmas Ornaments and Other Decorations

Every year, the holiday season approaches very quickly and is then over in the blink of an eye. Soon enough, it will be time to start thinking about storing holiday decorations so they will be ready for next year. Knowing how to properly store your decorations ensures they’ll be in great shape when it’s time to deck the halls next season.

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Holiday Decoration Storage Ideas

Holiday decorations are not only an investment, but they’re also often passed down through the generations as cherished keepsakes. Here are a few easy holiday decoration storage tips to keep in mind as you put them away for the following year.

  1. Use Wrapping Paper Tubes to Store Lights: Everyone knows the pain of spending hours untangling those pesky strands of lights. Save yourself some time and frustration next year by using old wrapping paper tubes to store lights. In order to keep the strands secure on the roll, connect the two ends together when you’re done wrapping.
  2. Store Bulbs and Ornaments in Egg Cartons: Protect your precious ornaments and bulbs from damage by storing them inside of egg cartons. If the ornaments are too big to fit inside of egg cartons, consider storing them inside of plastic apple containers.
  3. Hang Wreaths on Hangers: In order to prevent your wreathes from getting smashed during storage, consider using a hanger to hang them. As an added tip, you can even wrap it in a dry cleaning or plastic garment bag to protect it from damage caused by dust or dirt.
  4. Do Not Store Your Decorations in the Attic or Basement: Although it can be tempting to shove your seasonal items out of the way in your attic, basement or even the garage, these locations can be susceptible to moisture, which can ruin your holiday decorations. To best protect your them, store them in a location free from any moisture or fluctuations in temperature.
  5. Store Items in Clear Plastic Containers: Store any miscellaneous items in clear plastic storage containers. Adding a label to all storage containers with a list of the contents will prevent you from having to dig through various storage containers in search of a particular item.
  6. Store Your Christmas Tree in a Storage Bag: In order to protect your Christmas tree from aging or getting cluttered with dirt, dust, or grime, store it in a Christmas tree storage bag. A Christmas tree storage bag will range in price based of the quality of material and size of your tree.

Do you Need a Location to Store Your Holiday Decorations?

Holiday decorations can take up a lot of space. Between the Christmas tree, decorative holiday figurines, and wrapping supplies, it’s amazing you have any household storage space left. Instead of letting seasonal items only used once a year clutter the storage space inside of your home, consider storing them inside of a storage unit. National Storage have a variety of sizes of storage units available throughout our self storage locations in both Michigan and Ohio. Either contact us or stop by and talk to our professional staff about any of your holiday or household storage needs.

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