10 Back to School Tips for Parents

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Doesn’t it seem like school was just letting out for the year, and kids were excited at the prospect of almost three months ahead of them of relaxation and fun? Well, time flies and the beginning of the next year of school is already upon us! It can be a stressful time for kids and parents alike, especially as that first day looms ahead.
This is one of the reasons why it’s so important for parents to stay organized at back to school time. If your children see that you’re stressed out, chances are that their anxiety levels will be on the rise, too.

Back to School Organization Tips for a Successful Year

Help your child be prepared for the first day of school and ensure a successful year by following these back to school organization tips:

  1. Review information sent from the school. Most schools will send home information in advance of the first day, and it’s important to review everything as soon as it arrives. You’ll be able to find out information like where the child’s classroom is, who the teacher will be, a list of supplies, activities and events for the year, and more
  2. Visit the school. If this is your child’s first year at a new school, visiting and taking a tour beforehand can help ease their anxieties a bit. He or she will be able to find both the classroom and the cafeteria, and might be able to meet the homeroom teacher.
  3. Establish a routine early. Keep your child motivated and rested as the school year progresses by establishing both school night bedtimes and wake up times at least one week before school starts. This way, your child won’t be as overwhelmed by school work, activities, and chores when school starts.
  4. Make sure kids know some basics for safety. Young children should know their address, phone number, and how to spell their own names. Designating a trusted neighbor or family friend as the emergency contact if you can’t be reached is also important.
  5. Purchase supplies in advance. A great way to get organized early on is to purchase as many school supplies as you can before the year gets started. If you don’t have a list from the school yet, pick up the essentials but keep the receipts in case you need to return anything. Some schools do have specific lists of needed supplies.
  6. Communication is key. Get acquainted with your child’s teacher at the start of the school year. Let the teacher know you want to stay actively involved in your child’s learning process. Also, talk to you child regularly to let him or her know you’re interested in how his or her days are going and what new things are being learned.
  7. Prepare a study area. Having a quiet place to study and do homework can be key to your child’s success in school. Whether this is in a bedroom or a secluded spot in the kitchen, make sure he or she has a place to spread out to work, and also that school belongings all have designated places to go to help him or her stay organized.
  8. Choose outfits the night before. If your child doesn’t wear a uniform, cut down on getting ready time in the morning by picking out clothing before bedtime.
  9. Make meals in advance. Weeknights and mornings can be a hectic time for both parents and children. Try to make some freezer meals over the weekend that will easily cut down on weeknight meal preparation. You should also consider packing lunches for your child the night before- and get him or her to help!
  10. Keep a calendar of upcoming events. The school year gets busy fast! Mark down after school activities and school events on a special calendar so you don’t miss anything throughout the year.

In addition to these back to school tips, don’t forget to start preparing now for all the projects, papers, and collectibles that you’ll be storing throughout your child’s school career. Store all your precious keepsakes (and many other things, too!) in a secure climate-controlled storage unit at one of the many National Storage locations!

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